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Our R&D scientists can customize the formulations listed below to your specifications. As a leading contract manufacturer, Bridge2 can also manufacture your current formulations or we can create brand new formulations to transform your concepts into reality.

Product Packaging
1.23% APF fluoride foam Aerosol Can (View)
2% Neutral fluoride foam Aerosol Can (View)
1.23% APF fluoride gel Squeeze Bottle (View)
2% Neutral fluoride gel Squeeze Bottle (View)
5% fluoride varnish Prophy Unit Dose (View)
2% Neutral fluoride rinse Pump Bottle (View)
1.23% APF prophy paste Cups + Jars (View)
Product Packaging
0.4% Stannous fluoride gel/paste Squeeze Tube (View)
1.1% Neutral sodium fluoride gel/paste Squeeze Tube (View)
Fluoridated & non-fluoridated rinse Pump Bottle (View)
0.05% Neutral sodium daily rinse Pump Bottle (View)
0.2% Neutral sodium rinse Pump Bottle (View)
0.63% Stannous rinse Pump Bottle (View)
Product Packaging
Fluoridated/non-fluoridated tooth gels and paste Squeeze Tube (View)

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